Tim Hemmer

My Treat

** Work in Progress ** My high-fidelity prototype (Ember.js 3.x) of a professional social hub connecting people looking for experts for consulting, advice, market validation, and just great conversation over a paid lunch by the person reaching out.

Home Pie

My high-fidelity prototype (Ember.js) of a property management tool for landlords that own rental units. The system allows landlords to manage and audit tenants and contractors with workorders as well as payments.


My high-fidelity prototype (Ember.js) of generated data to allow consumers and businesses to post an idea or action to allow immediate feedback from public or private groups of people. This allows consumers and businesses to make better decisions without spending manual effort to get an overall decision.

Rap Gems

My high-fidelity prototype (Ember.js) of a web app that allows users to submit parital lyrics of a rap or hip hop song and share with everyone. Warning! Contains *Explicit Lyrics*.

Elkhorn Ridge Golf Course Website

Static website (Brunch) updated for a modern look and information

Text / Client Attributes Tool

Internal tool (Ember.js) written in my free time while employed for a company that had manual entries of comma separated values (CSV) and SQL statements for internationalization. This allowed more automation, consistent best practices, and less errors and code reviewing. It also allowed a similar idea with custom client attributes.

Private work

Consultant with rewrite of web-based credit card appliations
First National Bank
Client Banking Websites
D3 Banking
Survey Reporting Platform
Transportation Inquiries, Actions, Security, and Reporting
Union Pacific
Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Website